Thank You SpeedyPin Customers, Affiliates and Partners

April 16, 2014

Thank You

We appreciate you! You can count on us to provide the best phone cards and international calling service in the industry.

We serve you. Let us know how we’re doing or how we can help you to make cheaper, higher quality international phone calls.


Order Calling Cards in Bulk and Save 10%

May 15, 2008

NEW! We recently launched a new Bulk Retail Calling Cards service on our B2B website. In short, customers will save 10% on orders of $150 – $499 (USD).* … Read the rest of this entry »

Gift a Burma (Myanmar) Phone Card

May 8, 2008

Our thoughts are with the people of Burma (Myanmar) and their families and friends.

SpeedyPin Affiliates… There are thousands of people worldwide desperately trying to connect with their loved ones within the devastated areas of Burma, and having a tough time doing so. … Read the rest of this entry »

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