Order Calling Cards in Bulk and Save 10%

NEW! We recently launched a new Bulk Retail Calling Cards service on our B2B website. In short, customers will save 10% on orders of $150 – $499 (USD).* …

Consider promoting this offer along side our everyday savings of 5% on orders of $40 or more and earn even more commissions in 2008.

View bulk order details »

* Not all customers will qualify.

UPDATE (05.16.08 @ 12:13 pm PST)

We’re working on a dynamic way to push/display an Affiliate ID under the phone number, which we’ll likely call the “Bulk Order Code.” We’ll prompt the customer to mention this code so that we can correctly appropriate commissions when somebody calls in and places an order over the phone.

In the interim, you can create a web page on your website regarding this discount. On it, tell people that they need to mention your Affiliate ID to the person answering the phone. You may want to call your Affiliate ID, in this case, the Bulk Order Code.

Example (replace XXXXXX with you Affiliate ID):

You must mention Bulk Order Code XXXXXX to the SpeedyPin representative when ordering over the phone.).


One Response to Order Calling Cards in Bulk and Save 10%

  1. Wow, this is great! Thanks for your bulk retail calling cards service.

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