Calling All SOLID Telecommunications Bloggers > Guest Blog Here

Calling SOLID Telecommunications BloggersAre you a SOLID telecommunications blogger? Want to extend your voice? Here’s your chance!

We’re looking for a few SOLID Telecommunications Bloggers to guest post right here on the Phone Cards Affiliate Program blog. Current affiliates are definitely encouraged to participate, but we welcome anybody who participates in the industry.

Note: This is not a chance to pimp your competing prepaid telecommunications product to our readers. We are not looking for advertorials. Instead, we want you to talk about industry-related topics and we’re pretty much open to most subject matter.

Further, we value your time and creativity so you will be able to include a bio about yourself which can include one link to your website, blog, Twitter profile and the like.

We look forward to hearing from you!


2 Responses to Calling All SOLID Telecommunications Bloggers > Guest Blog Here

  1. Richard Gere says:

    I am looking for an online site to purchase prepaid phone cards that can call to japan and jordan from US,UK,Canada at a reasonable rate. I am also wondering if there is any difference between the different phone cards and calling cards in terms of quality or are they just all the same. Any information on this would be helpful!

    • speedypin says:

      Richard G… is certainly a good first stop. You can also search “phone cards” on your favorite search engine to find a website you like and trust. Most of the phone cards you see at SpeedyPin work well to call all over the world, with great quality from the US and Canada. If you buy phone card in North America which will be used to make phone calls from the UK then you will need to find one that includes international access numbers (local or toll-free). Always try to use a local access phone number whenever possible, as toll-free access may have an associated surcharge. Calls from the UK, with regard to quality, will be just as good compared to calls made from the US and Canada; these countries have top-notch communications infrastructure.

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