Gift a Burma (Myanmar) Phone Card

Our thoughts are with the people of Burma (Myanmar) and their families and friends.

SpeedyPin Affiliates… There are thousands of people worldwide desperately trying to connect with their loved ones within the devastated areas of Burma, and having a tough time doing so. …

To make matters worse, the cost of an international long distance phone call to Burma, whether it connects or does not connect, can be very expensive. This is especially true when direct dialing from a land line or cell phone.

Luckily, recent advancements in VoIP and the addition of new competitors into the telecommunications industry have helped to lower worldwide rates, which makes calling Burma a little less expensive. This is especially true when using a Burma phone card.

For example, a call to Burma (Myanmar) from the U.S. is possible for as little as 17.9¢ with a prepaid phone card. This can definitely help to cut international long distance costs for everybody.

How can Affiliates help the cyclone victims in Burma?

  1. You can contact your local Red Cross to see if there is anything you can do help.
  2. You can donate money or supplies to causes supporting the survivors. Please be careful in selecting a legitimate charity/cause.
  3. Make it easier for people to call Burma (Myanmar) by letting others know about the SpeedyPin Gift a Phone Card tool, which allows anybody to send/donate a phone card to anybody else via email.
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How do I link to the Gift a Phone Card tool?

Point your visitors, family, and friends to Don’t forget to add your Affiliate ID to the end of the URL (?aff=XXXXXX – replace XXXXXX with your Affiliate ID).

This tool takes customers through a simple step-by-step process allowing them to select a recipient of a Burma phone card and have the Burma phone card information sent directly to them via email…Instantly.

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