Prepaid Phone Card Glossary

November 13, 2008

prepaid phone card glossaryHello to all of our much appreciated affiliate partners on an awesome Thursday morning. We wanted to take a quick moment to point you to our useful prepaid phone card glossary, which you can either modify and add to your own website or link to directly.

Providing visitors with this type of information can greatly help in keeping them in the research phase of the sales cycle, which increases your chances for generating a conversion. Education is key! Educate your customers and you will earn their trust and loyalty.

To link to the phone card glossary at, use the following URL:
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Can’t Make it for the Holidays? Start a Family Conference Call.

November 6, 2007

Get the family together by starting a family conference call with a prepaid conference calling card.

Now more than ever we’re dispersed across the globe, busy with our careers, pursuing educational endeavors, and raising children. As much as we would like to stay in communication with our families, it is often difficult to get together at a time and place that everyone can…

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Make International Calls For Less : Phone Cards Resources

June 26, 2007

We’ve updated the resources found in the Prepaid Phone Card User’s Guide. Feel free to link the the guide’s main page or any resources within. Be sure to add your affiliate code to the end of the link (ex: (replace XXXXX with your affiliate ID).

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This “how to” guide for making international calls for less by using prepaid phone cards, includes easy-to-use resources, tips and tools to help you get the most long distance minutes for your money.

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