Verizon (MCI) World Traveler Phone Card – Average Rate 60% Lower

Verizon (MCI) World Traveler Phone Card

HUGE NEWS for our affiliates and current World Traveler Phone Card customers.

We received new rates for the Verizon (MCI) World Traveler Phone Card, and we are more than excited to let you know that the new rates are, on average, 60% lower! Some rates are even stronger. For example, the rate for calling from Spain, Vietnam, Jordan, Syria and Luxembourg back to the USA is more than 90% lower!

In addition to these new extremely lower rates, 43 countries have been added that you can use the World Traveler Phone Card from. These additions bring the total number of countries from which you can use this phone card from to over 140. New countries include many Caribbean countries, the Philippines, and many African countries.

The Verizon (MCI) World Traveler is available in $10, $20 and $50 denominations. Please note, however, that we are not currently selling the new $10 card because we’ve discounted the old $12.50 card by 20% to give it a retail price of $10 (while inventory lasts).

IMPORTANT: The rates for the $12.50 have not changed.

These new lower rates create a HUGE opportunity for which our affiliate partners and customers; more sales and more savings, respectively. So, help us spread this fantastic news.

Mention this phone card to family, friends and business colleagues; anybody traveling will absolutely love this phone card, which carries the Verizon (MCI) name.

Verizon (MCI) World Traveler Resources:


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