SpeedyPin.com Phone Cards on Twitter

Follow SpeedyPin on TwitterIf the Phone Cards Affiliate Program blog for SpeedyPin affiliates isn’t enough to keep you going, Follow SpeedyPin on Twitter.

Twitter is sort of a mesh between blogging and instant messaging (IM), but you are able to reach a wide audience or a small private audience with a single message. Further, you can follow others’ conversations, which is great for connecting to other like-minded people. Follow people you want to learn from and reach people you want to help–with whatever. The point is that you get to choose who you reach.

We use Twitter to connect to other like-minded people within the Prepaid Phone Card niche, including potential retail customers, wholesale customers, and affiliates. We also follow people who know a thing or two about Internet marketing and advertising.

How will you use Twitter?

Begin to unleash the power of Twitter by following SpeedyPin today. See who we are following then follow those you’d like to get to know a little more. Want to talk or learn about search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, and affiliate marketing? Maybe you just want to follow what other really smart and cool people are talking about in real-time?

Consider following some people that we follow on Twitter:

Happy selling! Happy Tweeting!


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