Unlimited Talk – 30 Days Unlimited Calling

To All SpeedyPin Calling Card Affiliates:

We just launched a new calling card, Unlimited Talk, which offers thirty days of unlimited calling to more than forty regions worldwide for just $20. For a complete list of regions, visit http://speedypin.com/prepaid/phone-card/VPUT20

Note: Many of the regions are land line, but some cellular is included.

Unlimited Talk Linking Details:

Unlimited Talk for 30 Days

Denominations: $20

Note: Don’t forget to append your affiliate ID (?aff=XXXXX – where XXXXX needs to be replaced by your SpeedyPin affiliate ID)

Not already a Speedypin Phone Cards Affiliate?

Become a Speedypin Phone Card Affiliate today and begin promoting the Vox Call calling card to your customers.

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SpeedyPin.com Affiliate Team
Email: affiliates@speedypin.com
Phone: 1-877-746-6322 x205
Web: http://business.speedypin.com/affiliates.html

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