Call Cuba: 15 Minutes for $10 – PINless & No Other Fees

UPDATE: 06/04/2013 – SpeedyPin / Vox Call did it again! We lowered hundreds of rates, including Cuba and much of Latin America.

Now get 17 Minutes for $10 to Call Cuba!

Yes, we lowered our Cuba rate again. 15 Minutes for $10!

That’s right… Call Cuba land line and cell phones with Vox Call. 1517 minutes for $10!

Why use Vox Call to make your next call to Cuba?

WORKS INSTANTLY! Simply register your cell phone and/or land line phone number (up to 9) to begin saving instantly on your international calls. Works with your current domestic calling service/plan.

MOST CONVENIENCE! Make international calls faster and easier with Vox Call. PINless calling. Recharge online. Share your account with family. View call details online and more…

NO OTHER FEES! Finally… a superior prepaid international calling service that offers cheap international rates, no hidden fees and high quality connections. No contract. No credit check.

Want to sell Vox Call through your distribution down-line and/or in your store? Learn more about the Vox Call Distributor & Agent Program.


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