Top 4 Philosophies of Successful Affiliates

Top 4 Philosophies of Successful Affiliates
Focus on Providing Value

So many people “get into” affiliate marketing because they have heard that they can make some money. But affiliate marketing isn’t something you should “get into”. It’s a business, or a job, and should be treated with the same sincerity and dedication as a job that is paying you by the hour to be there. Affiliates who “get into” affiliate marketing often make money for a while and then discover that their methods are no longer working or their schemes fizzle out. However, if you focus on providing value, and giving people something to consider, or something which will benefit them, then people will keep coming back to you. When you provide value, you get traffic. When you get traffic, you can make money. But focus first on providing value.

Stick With What You Know and Love

I once started a website about comforters. I still think this would be a great market to work in. The problem was that I didn’t know anything about comforters, I didn’t really want to learn about comforters, and I found myself bored out of my mind building page after page about different types of comforters. What do I know and love? Travel, writing, music, and communication. As I stay focused in those areas, my business become more profitable. Stick with what you know and you will definitely enjoy the process of building an affiliate income (which like anything has its ups and downs) much more.

Get a Goal and Write It Down

Put your goals in front of you. That is one of the keys that any successful person will tell you leads to being successful. Here’s an exercise you can do right now. Write down 10 major goals for your life. And then write down 5 goals for your business/income. Now, give a strong emotional indicator to each of those things. The emotional indicators are generally memories of some great pleasure or some great pain which you can cause your mind to associate with your goals. For example, my wife and I were upgraded once to business class on a Gulf Air Flight from Mumbai to Bahrain. It was a 5 hour flight that was sheer pleasure. We had several options to order from, served us champagne and beer, and we had more leg room than I’ve had in some apartments I’ve rented. That is a very powerful pleasurable memory and motivates me on the days when I don’t feel like working, because I want to be able to pay to fly that way all the time, instead of sitting in the cramped second class seats. But that might not motivate you the same way it now motivates me. There is no boss in affiliate marketing – just you. So you have to know what you want, and work to get it. These emotional indicators keep you working to get it.

Persist Longer

Brian Tracy says that successful people all have three main things in common.

  1. try more things
  2. learn more things
  3. persist longer

There is probably no more important step than simply deciding to persist longer. Once you’ve got your goal and written it down and made it something strong emotionally, stick with it. Persistence pays off in both the short term and especially in the long term. You may have to change strategies or tactics along the way, but if you know what you want and why you want it, there is nothing to stop you from getting it. Walt Disney may have summed this up best when, in Pinnochio, he used the famous line “If your heart is in your dream, no request is too extreme.” But this means put your whole heart in your dream. If your WHOLE heart is in your dream, you can get what you want. Persist at getting it.

Focus on providing value, talk about what you know, know why you want to be successful working as an affiliate, and persist longer.

If you do take these steps and apply them daily, affiliate success is inevitable.

Author BIO:
Jonathan Kraft has been working at affiliate marketing since 2004. He is currently sharing great (and free) information about how to buy gold


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