SpeedyPin.com Phone Cards Affiliate Newsletter – June 2010

SpeedyPin.com Phone Cards Affiliate Program
Affiliate Newsletter
June 2010
SpeedyPin.com Affiliate Newsletter - June 2010

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Affiliate Promotion:

15 Starbucks Coffee Gift Card
Acquire a minimum of 10 more new customers in June 2010 than you acquired in May 2010 and earn a $15 Starbucks gift certificate.

$25 Starbucks Coffee Gift Card
Acquire a minimum of 25 more new customers in June 2010 than you acquired in May 2010 and earn a $50 Starbucks gift certificate.

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Consider promoting these Top 10 Hot Sellers in April 2010.

1. Hello World* 6. Globetrotter*
2. Africa Special * 7. Hello World*
3. Leo* 8. Gemini*
4. Africa* 9. Lots a Minutes*
5. World Platinum* 10. Scorpio*

*Rechargeable. View all rechargeable cards. View all phone cards.

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No new phone cards have been added. Consider promoting our SPP (SpeedyPin Prepaid) cards. View them here.

Note: If you want to be among the first to know when we add a new product, subscribe to our RSS feed.

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No phone cards were discontinued. Why do phone cards become discontinued?

Note: If you want to be among the first to know when we add a new product, subscribe to our RSS feed.

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The Selling Power of a Guarantee

SpeedyPin.com 100% Phone Card GuaranteeThis month’s tip can make all the difference in the world in getting somebody to buy something from you. It was inspired by a good article I recently read on CopyBlogger.com entitled, "How to Boost Your Sales with a Strong Guarantee."

SpeedyPin.com offers an industry leading 100% Phone Card Guarantee, which you should really consider mentioning in your promotional media. This is especialy true since the vast majority of our competition offers no guarantee at all. Our guarantee is an awesome competitive advantage; one I have used in our PPC campaigns for years with great success.

Try mentioning our guarantee in your promotional media to see what it does for your sales. Then let us know how it worked. We look forward to hearing from you!

*** We’d also love to get your feedback on topics you’re most interested in learning more about. ***

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Free Search Engine Optimization & Search Engine Marketing Tools

There are many SEO/SEM tools available on the Internet today (free & paid). Here are a few of the better free resources, each of which provide helpful tools and a wealth of information you can use to further increase your search engine rankings and Pay Per Click advertising success.

Affiliate Marketing Education

These websites are ideal for you Pros out there looking to keep your skills razor sharp, as well as for those of you whom are new to Affiliate Marketing. Here’s to staying ahead of the rest!

Search Engine Optimization Forums & Blogs

Social Search, Bookmarking & Tagging Websites

A few brave soles proclaimed that Social Search (bookmark sharing, and tagging) would be the next big thing for marketers and advertisers on the Internet. One needs only to look at the huge growth in popularity and useage of websites like Facebook and Twitter–nothing short of astonishing–to know that these prognosticators were right.

Why are these social websites so popular? It’s simple! These services are currently available to us at no cost and can drive thousands of qualified visitors to our websites.

Having said this, most people are still learning the best ways to leverage social search for monetization purposes, but you should definitely get involved with at least Twitter and Facebook to see how you might be able to leverage each site to help you earn more commissions.

Top Sites & Tips (A Who’s Who)

Conferences & Expos

  • Affiliate Summit – Affiliate Summit Corporation, founded by affiliate marketing industry veterans Shawn Collins and Missy Ward, serves the affiliate marketing professional community.
  • Search Engine StrategiesSearch Engine Strategies is a global conference & expo series that keeps you informed about search engine advertising, including optimization and marketing issues.
  • Search Marketing ExpoSMX is programmed by the sharpest minds in search marketing. Together, Search Engine Land editor-in-chief Danny Sullivan and executive editor Chris Sherman have covered the topics, interviewed the luminaries and educated generations of search marketers.
  • PUBCONWebmaster World’s PubCon is an educational conference and industry trade show programmed specifically for web professionals and website site owners.
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Promote Prepaid Phone Cards On These Days

Philippines’ & Russia’s Independence Day June 12, 2010
Father’s Day June 17, 2010
Iceland’s Independence Day June 17, 2010
Mozambique’s Independence Day June 25, 2010
Madagascar’s Independence Day June 26, 2010
Seychelles Islands’ Independence Day June 29, 2010
Zaire’s Independence Day June 30, 2010
Burundi’s & Rwanda’s Independence Day July 1, 2010
United States’ Independence Day July 4, 2010
Algeria’s, Cape Verde’s & Venezuela’s Independence Day July 5, 2010
Malawai’s Independence Day July 6, 2010
Argentina’s Independence Day July 9, 2010
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Affiliate Team
Email: affiliates@speedypin.com
Phone: 1.877.746.6322 ext 205

Why do some phone cards become discontinued?

While we attempt to create a hi-quality, revenue producing line of phone cards, there will be instances in which the cards perceived to be winners simply end up being losers for reasons other than poor performance.

Carriers create phone cards by anticipating usage and profit. They may also incorporate additional fees (e.g. maintenance fees, connection fees) in attempt to make more of a profit. Knowing this, the savvy phone card consumer attempts to discover ways to get maximum usage from a phone card. One such way is to purchase in smaller denominations and burn the card in one call, thereby avoiding the other fees. Thus, the carrier does not receive the additionally anticipated profit. Result… the card is withdrawn. In worse cases, a heavy loss because a carrier to cease business.

Therefore, we must continue to seek alternative products. We’ll do our best to convey these changes to you as promptly as possible!

Copyright © 2010 SpeedyPin.com

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