IMPORTANT Changes to the World Traveler Card

This is a quick update to let you know about some important changes about the World Traveler Card, which many of you are currently promoting. These changes will affect your advertising.

We secured a direct relationship with the network services provider for the World Traveler Card and are keeping our relationship with the former services provider. As a result, we now have two products:

The Traveler Phone Card
MCI World Traveler Phone Card

The Traveler
Product SKU – TRVX
Available: $10, $20, $50

MCI World Traveler
Product SKU – TRVM
Available: $10, $25

The Traveler Card Product SKU is TRVX, which we kept because it has the same USA to the World rates, but we have removed all international origination rates because the “new” MCI World Traveler international origination rates are very strong. And, those of you who are currently promoting the World Traveler Card will notice (if you are pulling the card image from our web server) that The Traveler card image is now being displayed.

Following, if you would like to continue advertising the MCI World Traveler, simply update your links to use the Product SKU – TRVM, or copy and paste links directly from Don’t forget to add your affiliate ID!

As always, if you have any questions please contact us.

Eric Itzkowitz
Affiliate Marketing Manager Phone Cards
Phone: 1-877-746-6322 x205


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