Calling Card Application for Apple iPhone

Calling Card application for the Apple iPhone

Great news! A new application for storing calling cards in the Apple iPhone was released by Andreas Amann, and is available for download at the iTunes Store. This calling card application for the iPhone is simply called, “Calling Card.”

UPDATE: Our Fee Free Phone Card works great with the Calling Card application for the iPhone. This is acknowledged on Adreas’ website under FAQ > What cards/services are known to work with this application?

AFFILIATES!!! This may be an awesome new marketing opportunity for you. According to Wired, Apple may have already reached its goal of selling 10 Million Apple iPhones. Get on your thinking caps, and start hitting Apple iPhone customers.

On a similar note, last week we published an article on our website entitled, “Apple iPhone + Phone Card = Cheap International Calls,”which may help you to come up with additional ideas of your own from reaching iPhone owners.

Of course, we’re always available to brainstorm and discuss ideas to reach Apple iPhone users. Feel free to contact us to discuss this idea, or any other.

We’re here to help you earn more!

Eric Itzkowitz Affiliate Team
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