New & Improved Fast Track

ATTN: All Affiliates Promoting the Fast Track Phone Card

We’ve changed providers for the Fast Track phone card. As a result there is a new SKU. The old SKU was FSTX, and the new one is FSTY. Please update your links! …

To help, we are permanently redirecting old FSTX URLs to their corresponding FSTY URLs so that customers will be instantly redirected to their intended destination.

Again, we urge you to update your URLs. Here is a list of the affected URLs (new and old). Don’t forget to add your affiliate ID to the end of the URL (where XXXXX would be your Affiliate ID).



Please contact us with any questions.

Thank you for your affiliation.

Eric Itzkowitz Phone Cards Affiliate Team
1-877-746-6322 x305

p.s. Tell your family and friends about our phone card affiliate program at the URL Add your affiliate ID to the end of this URL, and they’ll become your sub-affiliate, which allows you to earn 2% on any sale they make.


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