Xtra Clean Phone Card – New SKU

Thank you for your ongoing affiliation! This post is being made to let you know that we had to change the Xtra Clean phone card SKU from “XTC to “ETC” today.


It won’t! We’ve already setup a search engine friendly, permanent redirect which will automatically and seamlessly take a visitor clicking through a non-updated Xtra Clean product URL on your website to the correct product page on our website. This way you won’t lose …

customers due to invalid links. However, we still recommend that you take the time to manually update your links.

New Xtra Clean SKU: ETC

New Xtra Clean URLs:
$5 – http://speedypin.com/prepaid/phone-card/ETC05
$10 – http://speedypin.com/prepaid/phone-card/ETC10
$20 – http://speedypin.com/prepaid/phone-card/ETC20
$55 – http://speedypin.com/prepaid/phone-card/ETC55

Old Xtra Clean SKU: XTC

Old Xtra Clean URLs:
$5 – http://speedypin.com/prepaid/phone-card/XTC05
$10 – http://speedypin.com/prepaid/phone-card/XTC10
$20 – http://speedypin.com/prepaid/phone-card/XTC20
$55 – http://speedypin.com/prepaid/phone-card/XTC55

Again, be sure to manually update your links as your time permits. If you have any questions regarding this change, please contact us.


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